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Banks need better vision for small business payments

Most small to medium-sized (SME) business owners are highly dependent on their accountant for everything financial. Accounting, and by extension financial insights, is often a “black box” to them. Most business owners would prefer to be more in control of their own finances so they can make better business decisions. What they really need to…
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May 9, 2019 0

Goldman-Apple credit card will yield game-changing consumer data

There has been considerable industry chatter and analysis since news broke that Apple and Goldman Sachs are teaming up to issue a credit card on the Mastercard network. A lot of thinking has centered on Apple Pay, mobile payments and how this card can stimulate Apple Pay volume and address Apple’s revenue decline given slowing…
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February 27, 2019 0

Noncash payments must be part of the mix

Artificial intelligence, the so-called internet of things and self-driving cars are just a few examples of technologies that have migrated from science fiction to our everyday lives. Yet the lifeblood of society, money, has until recently largely been stuck in the realm of slips of paper and chunks of metal. The payments landscape has, however,…
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February 20, 2019 0

As cash and cards give way to mobile, banks need consumers’ trust even more

A new generation of bank customers is bypassing physical branches and banking via the web almost entirely in favor of completing transactions and accessing services from their mobile devices. The same goes for payments — mobile wallets, peer-to-peer payments apps and social media payments have taken the payments industry by storm. Research shows that the…
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January 3, 2019 0

Businesses should heed consumers’ comfort with virtual cards

Driven by new technology and the consumerization of enterprise as people demand a more comfortable experience, growth in business use of virtual cards has been strong in recent years. Yet they still account for a relatively small share of the commercial cards market. Apple is doing a great job of introducing the concept of virtual…
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December 31, 2018 0

NFC still has a trust gap for payments

This coming April, all major American credit card companies will become signature-optional, meaning merchants won’t need to require users to provide a signature in order to complete a credit card purchase. The move is hardly a radical change, but is a signal that the U.S. is catching up to the U.K. and Canada when it…
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March 13, 2018 0

With the right tune up, in-car payments can take off

Technologies associated with IoT are inexpensive, low powered and frequently based on common soft- ware platforms. Recent rapid development in the automotive/haulage industries allows the integration of this tech into cars/trucks. These developments have coincided with the simultaneous rise in fintech with the use of technology supporting financial services such as payments, fostering a commonality…
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March 8, 2018 0

European payment regs will push retailers to rethink authentication

The Payment Services Directive, or PSD2, will have a major impact on determining the scope of fraud, which will require retailers and payment service providers to step up their security risk management. Retailers and their PSPs will not want to exceed specific fraud levels to minimize the impact of Secure Customer Authentication on customers. Advanced…
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March 4, 2018 0

Holiday payment volume spikes are the new norm

Whether it’s finding the perfect holiday gift for that special someone or buying the missing ingredient for tonight’s dinner, more and more shoppers are putting purchases off until the last minute. In fact, despite record-breaking holiday sales in 2017, Cardlytics’ 2017 Holiday Spend report found that 25% of seasonal sales occurred during the last two…
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February 15, 2018 0

Community banks are missing the boat on cards

It may be surprising to learn that a recent American Bankers Association (ABA) survey reported that 87% of community banks do not have a payments strategy, given the key role that payments play for financial institutions in driving economic value and customer satisfaction. Banks that devote the time and energy to conduct this assessment will…
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February 14, 2018 0

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