Month: October 2019

Card innovations impacting the future of the credit union industry

Today, payments options for consumers are endless, and credit unions should be prepared to provide members with access to as many offerings as possible. While new payment methods such as digital wallets and real-time payments are important, optimizing credit and debit card programs is also imperative for credit union success and for their cards to…
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October 29, 2019 0

Contactless Cards: “A Faster, More Convenient Experience for the Consumer”

Customers can spend a lot of time at a store trying to check out. After waiting in line, you have to navigate the payment process, which can be a tedious affair. If you pay by cash, you spend valuable time finding the right amount of money and waiting while the cashier counts out your change.…
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October 22, 2019 0

Mobile Wallets Dominate the News, But Most Consumers Still Want Physical Gift Cards

The holidays are approaching, and with that annual shopping frenzy comes a yearly boost in gift card sales. As it turns out, though, most gift cards are likely to be plastic or paper rather than digital, according to consumer and small-business research released Thursday. While preference for digital cards is growing, some 60% of consumers still…
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October 10, 2019 0

Contactless payments push credit cards past debit in Canada

Contactless payment transaction volume is soaring in Canada to the point where total credit card transaction volume is edging out debit card transactions for the first time because many consumers are using credit cards to tap and pay. The difference is slight—6.047 billion credit card transactions were conducted in Canada in 2018 compared with 6.042…
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October 7, 2019 0