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The banking and financial service industries have evolved, and so have their customers. Customers want a seemless, digital experience with the flexibility of a startup, but the security of an established financial institution. Don’t let your current providers hold your business back. Moving your debit and credit portfolios to IC Payments will help ensure your institution doesn’t get left behind.

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At IC Payments, we believe everyone deserves the opportunity and accessiblity to join the banking system.  Financial institutions that leverage our reloadable prepaid accounts open up those doors to new customers every day. Think ‘checkless’ checking accounts that support online bill payments, ATM access and direct deposits.  Give your new clients the opportunity they are looking for today!


Instant Issuance in Branches

Don’t let your new customers walk out the door without card access to their accounts. With IC Payments Instant Issuance solutions, you can immediately print a card in branch and provide a digital card so that your institution always stays top of mind and top of wallet.

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Don’t settle for expensive plastic cards, chips or other fulfillment needs. Let our team of experts help you get the design you are looking for at a great price. Our solutions include EMV, dual interface, metal cards, and much more!


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Need help with your next program or considering a conversion of your card portfolio? We are here to help, big or small, one size does not fit all.

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