Build an analytics strategy to prevent financial crime

Build an analytics strategy to prevent financial crime

April 16, 2018 News 0

The AML and financial crime ecosystem continues to evolve at record pace, and while new technologies increase opportunities for risk detection, they also bring new challenges. Building an analytics strategy that can support your risk detection system is the key to decreasing false positives and ensuring that you have accurate risk management. There are key things that can be done today to support the risk detection in your current state and in the future with a Global View.

In this webinar we will discuss:
– The Impact of the changes in Financial services
– How the customer experience is being impacted
– Understanding remote KYC
– How to build a data and analytics infrastructure to support best in class risk detection

Key Speakers

Mike Sisk

Contributing Editor American Banker

Andrew Davies

VP, Global Market Strategy, Financial Crimes Risk Management Fiserv

Sidhartha Dash MBA FRM ERP

Research Director Chartis



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