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How a millennial blogger is shaping dialogue on women in banking

Natalie Bartholomew’s pet project is on its way to becoming a social media phenomenon. Bartholomew, chief marketing officer at Grand Savings Bank in Grove, Okla., created a blog called The Girl Banker last year to tout the accomplishments of women across her industry. Her Twitter feed is slowly gaining momentum, with more than 1,600 followers…
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March 2, 2018 0

Banking is a team sport, so choose your players wisely

I started on Wall Street in 1980 as an investment banker in Lehman Brothers’ natural resources group. With very few women in financial services at the time, I was often asked, “How long do you think you’re going to stay at this?” It wasn’t a question of if I’d leave, but when. Back then, many…
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November 7, 2017 0

What women’s growing wealth means for banks

While I’ve witnessed myriad innovations in the financial services industry throughout my career, there is one area where banking has been slower to evolve: investing in women. Up until the last few decades, the financial world imposed nearly impenetrable barriers that prevented women from reaching the highest levels of an organization. This was the case…
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October 31, 2017 0