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Consumers lose when small banks can’t compete

As Congress considers a major regulatory relief bill for the banking industry, lawmakers must remain focused on giving community banks relief from regulation that is harming the industry and reducing competition. One of the strengths of the American economic system is our impetus for competition. We believe that more competition in the market makes things…
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March 29, 2018 0

European payment regs will push retailers to rethink authentication

The Payment Services Directive, or PSD2, will have a major impact on determining the scope of fraud, which will require retailers and payment service providers to step up their security risk management. Retailers and their PSPs will not want to exceed specific fraud levels to minimize the impact of Secure Customer Authentication on customers. Advanced…
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March 4, 2018 0

Standards bodies unite on PIN security

In a case where two payments security heads are better than one, Accredited Standards Committee X9 Inc. and the PCI Security Standards Council have agreed to create one unified PIN security standard for payments stakeholders. Industry feedback seeking better efficiencies sparked this change for a common standard, as currently both PCI and X9 have maintained…
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February 20, 2018 0

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