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Let your students benefit from
direct deposit of their financial aid disbursements

Too often, educational instititions and their students are stuck in the world of paper checks and lack of access to the latest financial innovations.

With IC Payments, we will help to bring the future of financial aid disbursment solutions to your school and to your students.

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Make Electronic Disbursements Work For You

For a college or university, one of the key advantages of any electronic payment method is that it’s less expensive than paying students by check.

Prepaid card accounts can lower costs and improve the service offered to all students by removing the requirement of a bank account.


Protect Your Students

Unbanked students often rely on expensive check-cashing services, and even those with bank accounts could find a prepaid card less costly than a checking account from their hometown bank.

Unlike a check, funds can remain on the card throughout the semester. If the card is lost or stolen, students are protected.  Plus their parents and employers can deposit money directly into their accounts as well.

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