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At IC Payments, we know that getting money to your employees and vendors electronically isn’t as easy as it should be. With our focus and technology-rich solution, we can help you strive to be check-free!

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Make Manual Payroll a Thing of the Past

IC Payments provides organization-wide solutions that can reduce the time, the ever-increasing costs and the overall hassle associated with manual payroll processing.

We do all of this while giving your employees the financial freedom of a secure direct deposit alternative. LEARN MORE

Retain Your Team with An Incentive Card Program

Don’t let your financial recognition of your employees and team members get lost in the mix of a standard paycheck.

Leverage IC Payments incentive card solutions to help your recoginition stand out every time they open up their wallet or phone. Learn More

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Our Expense Cards Make Business Easy

We offer a reloadable prepaid card you can provide to employees for payment of business expenses.

You can fund the card in advance of
planned travel so employees don’t have to spend
their own funds while on business travel and wait for reimbursement.

You can even place tight controls on the card to prevent unauthorized use.


Enjoy The Benefits of Our Expense Cards

→ Reduce administrative costs of
expense reimbursement

→ Gain more control over employee
travel expenses

→ Provide immediate funds for
employees during emergencies

→ Solution for business travel
expenses for employees without
available credit on credit cards


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